Places to see in Lisburn, UK

eikon-aerialThere is a list of places to be visited in Lisburn, UK. First, the Eikon Exhibition Centre is the most famous one and it is located in the heart of the Northern Ireland at Eikon. This exhibition center is a highly accessible one especially for the trade and the public events. Its surroundings are the most popular Lisburn and the Belfast cities; hotel accommodations, restaurants, and the Spruce field Retail Park. It has already played a major role in the events industry and at the same time it has also hosted a number of high profile events. It is said to be that more than one lakhs attendees have visited in the year 2014. An interesting factor is that its excellence delivery is already supported by a list of contractors. On the other side of the flip, it can accommodate exhibitions, contractors, corporate events including the product launches. The Lisburn Visitor Information Centre located in the Lisburn Square and their professionals can aid in the change of the foreign currency into the native one, assist with the perfect planning of itinerary, book accommodation, advertising of the tickets in case of any local event, is taking place, gift shop for the selling of the souvenirs including the local jeweler. The folks can procure the data on the places to visit and events.