Restaurants in Lisburn, UK

Spice Indian Restaurant is one of the best restaurants and it is located closer to the Hillsborough, Dunmurry, Crumlin, Dromore, and Ballynachich. It is finest Indian Restaurant and it provides its best in the traditional fresh cuisine. Here the chefs are specialists in the traditional Punjabi spices in order to create the regional dishes. The folks can book through online and can also reserve the table for them and for their guests. The cream tea is served in all most all of the cafes and tea rooms. Both beef and pork are the most famous dishes here. The roasted beef is accompanied with the peppery sauce and the Yorkshire pudding. Next, roasted pork is often served with the applesauce along with the redcurrant jelly. There are several puddings in which apple crumble is the most popular one. Here, the apples are covered with the crumby flour, sugar and butter mixture. It is well served with the custard which includes the eggs, milk, and vanilla. Spotted dick is a unique suet pudding along with the dried fruit and it is served along with the custard. Summer pudding is one of the famous puddings which are layered with the fruits, berries, fruit juice and it is eaten along with the ice cream.